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December 2011

The Scarlett House's "Hannah Tingey 1823" seemed the perfect sampler to spotlight in December, with its red and green and gold palette and strong stags flanking the house along with the pine trees ~ and the verse seemed so appropriate as the winter months challenge our beloved birds' food supplies.

Reproductionist Tanya stitched her model on 45c Lakeside Vintage Buttercream with NPI, and it was absolutely stunning! The Attic also did a conversion to overdyed silks.

Wouldn't the scene with the stag and the tree have made a lovely ornament?

November 2011

A new release in the Fall November's sampler was another wonderful reproduction from Linda Danielson of Samplers Remembered "Mexican School Girl Practice c1830". Linda provided several pages of interesting commentary on this sampler from her collection, in particular the writing in the upper left-hand corner:

There is a rather unusual message worked in the upper left-hand corner, 'SIESTEDECHADOSEPERDIERECO'. The translation means "If this sampler (dechado) is lost return to" and ends there. Maybe the stitcher was trying to think of just the right person to inherit her work and would complete the message later. She must have treasured her sampler and wanted it to be kept safe...it is treasured and safe with me! She has stitched the name Antonio but it isn't connected to the message and is stitched using a different color so I'm not sure Antonio was to be the chosen one to take care of her dechado or not.

Can you find the tiny javelina in the sampler?

October 2011

In October we featured TWO samplers from Carriage House Samplings. The first, "The Tree Speaks" featured a verse found on a plaque in the home of a family member of the designer, and it provided insight into what might be the poignant thoughts of a tree if able to speak.

Debra chose a beautiful double-dyed linen from Lakeside, but, of course, if you prefer a lighter color, we have LOTS of choices for you.

The second, "Hopeful," also featured some poignant verses, and since its publication in 2005 many more over-dyed silk threads were available to stitch it.

Top: The Attic's model in progress; left: the solid NPI colorway; bottom: the deisgner's model.

September 2011

In Honor of September 11, September's Sampler of the Month was the "Lady Liberty Sampler" from Nancy Sturgeon of Threads Through Time. The original hung on the Christmas tree in the Blue Room of the White House in 1999.

There were 4 choices when ordering this wonderful project (or more if you chose another verse):

  • stitch it as designed, inserting your personal information ~ Nancy provided a large section of graph paper and a complete upper and lower-case alphabet for your use


  • choose one of the 3 verses shown here (charted for over 1)

August 2011

August featured the just published 'A Sampler Story' from Brenda Keyes/Sampler Company :

March 2011

March featured The Scarlett Letter's "Elizabeth Sheffield," reproduced reproduced by Marsha with the permission of the American Folk Art Museum in New York City. According to Marsha:

The Sheffield sampler is delicately worked with an unusually pleasing combination of colors in its petit-point strawberry band pattern and a unique spread-winged bird in its upper left corner. Although Elizabeth provided her birth date, in the typical Newport sampler manner, her identity is uncertain. She may have been the daughter of Amos and Mary Burrington Sheffield, who married James Tallman in Newport on October 18, 1787.

Left: the antique sampler; right: Jean's in progress model used The Attic's over-dyed silk conversion.

The stitches in this sampler included cross, a good deal of cross stitch over one, eyelet (Jean used smyrna crosses) and back stitch. Marsha rated this sampler as intermediate to advanced.

February 2011

The very special sampler featured in February was Sandy Orton's beloved "American Sampler" which first appeared in Treasures magazine in the Spring 1993 issue. It has now been republished in the March 2011 issue of Cross-Stitch & Needlework. Extra copies of the magazine were not printed, so it may not be possible to order it much past February.

Top left: detail of queen-stitched flowers; left: sampler stitched on 28ct; right: sampler stitched on 40ct; bottom right: detail of continental-stitched woman.

If you have a copy of either magazine The Attic , of course, has a special silk package with Florimel substituted for a few of the Au Ver 'A Soie colors listed in the chart. This conversion is availbe if you order your supplies for this sampler from the shop.

January 2011

January featured another one of the most requested samplers from the pages of Sampler and Antique Needlework Quarterly Summer 2010 issue. It has now been faithfully reproduced by Tanya Brockmeyer on Lakeside’s 45c Vintage linen using a combination of beautiful silks (NPI, Belle Soie, Gloriana, and Gumnut), the verse stitched over one.

The brick house showed how perfectly overdyed silk works without rethreading. The bricks here looked just as they would in a real-life building, and it was all done with the same softly-shaded skein of silk! Magic!